Fire Stopping

Passive Fire Protection is the use of fire-resistance rated materials in walls and floors to prevent or slow down the spread of fire.

As opposed to active fire protection measures, passive fire protection means do not typically require electric or electronic activation or a degree of motion. Firewalls not only have a rating, they are also designed to sub-divide buildings such that if a fire occurs on one side, this will not affect the other side.

Commercial Building

Our Services

Aries offer a comprehensive range of fire stopping solutions to ensure that walls, roofs, floors, service risers and voids retain their fire resistance.

At Aries we work in partnership with our clients, architects, main contractors and building inspectors to ensure that we offer the most cost effective, fully designed, engineered and appropriate fire stopping solutions for each project.

All products are tested in accordance with BS476 parts 4, 20 and 22 and/or EN 1366-3.  We work closely with manufacturers to ensure they are being used in the way in which they have been tested from straight forward to complex penetrations.

All fire stopping works carried out by Aries are fully tested and clearly identifiable by our logging system of stickers, photo’s and log sheets. This provides assurance that all works undertaken comply with the specified fire strategy and Part B building regulations.

Our solutions

  • Fire-rated mastic coated batts

  • Load bearing and non-load bearing fire-rated compounds

  • Fire curtains

  • Intumescent mastic seals

  • Pipe collars

  • Pipe wraps

  • Intumescent pillows

  • Insulated fire sleeves

  • Fire resistant silicones

  • Fire-rated movement joints.